FA Cup Night

What a night at the Madejski Stadium for the Under 8's at the FA Cup quarter final between Reading and Crystal Palace.Thanks Ady for your epic video of the night, see below for the BBC clip and then carry on down for the photo's.

The full clip from BBC Match of the Day from Madejski Stadium - Reading v Crystal Palace 11/01/16 FA Cup quarter-final

IMG_4759 IMG_4768 IMG_4773 IMG_4779 IMG_4782 IMG_4787 IMG_4790 IMG_4795 IMG_4800 IMG_4807 IMG_4814 IMG_4815 IMG_4818 IMG_4819 IMG_4821 IMG_4822 IMG_4823 IMG_4824 IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831 IMG_4832 IMG_4833 IMG_4834 IMG_4835 IMG_4839 IMG_4843 IMG_4845 IMG_4846 IMG_4849 IMG_4851 IMG_4856 IMG_4859 IMG_4861 IMG_4864 IMG_4869 IMG_4870 IMG_4873 IMG_4875 IMG_4876 IMG_4878 IMG_4880 IMG_4881 IMG_4885 IMG_4886 IMG_4894 IMG_4895 IMG_4896 IMG_4897 IMG_4898 IMG_4899 IMG_4901 IMG_4905 IMG_4908 IMG_4910 IMG_4912 IMG_4915 IMG_4918 IMG_4919 IMG_4921 IMG_4923 IMG_4924 IMG_4928 IMG_4930 IMG_4932 IMG_4933 IMG_4934 IMG_4935 IMG_4936 IMG_4937 IMG_4938 IMG_4939 IMG_4940 IMG_4943 IMG_4945 IMG_4946 IMG_4947 IMG_4949 IMG_4950 IMG_4951 IMG_4952 IMG_4953 IMG_4954 IMG_4956 IMG_4957 IMG_4958 IMG_4959 IMG_4961 IMG_4962 IMG_4963 IMG_4964 IMG_4965 IMG_4966 IMG_4967 IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4970 IMG_4971 IMG_4972 IMG_4973 IMG_4975 IMG_4976 IMG_4977 IMG_4978 IMG_4979 IMG_4980 IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4987 IMG_4988 IMG_4995 IMG_4997 IMG_4999 IMG_5002 IMG_5004 IMG_5006 IMG_5008 IMG_5012 IMG_5013 IMG_5016 IMG_5019 IMG_5021 IMG_5022 IMG_5025 IMG_5026 IMG_5035 IMG_5036 IMG_5040 IMG_5041 IMG_5042 IMG_5043 IMG_5049 IMG_5053 IMG_5054 IMG_5055 IMG_5061 IMG_5068 IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5077 IMG_5081 IMG_5082 IMG_5086 IMG_5088 IMG_5089 IMG_5090 IMG_5091 IMG_5092 IMG_5093 IMG_5096 IMG_5097 IMG_5098 IMG_5100 IMG_5103 IMG_5104 IMG_5105 IMG_5107 IMG_5108 IMG_5111 IMG_5112